Worldwide Agent Network


We were founded in Germany, the center of trade.

Established as a family company in Germany in 2019, CARGOLISTICS provides services in areas such as Road Transport, E-Commerce, Foreign Trade and Security Services.

Our company is one of the leading companies in safe and high quality freight transportation with its team that always works with a focus on customer satisfaction, its effective communication network in its organizational structure, and its team that constantly trains and develops itself.

CARGOLISTICS provides high customer satisfaction in its sector; It has been created with the principle of doing accurate, fast, error-free, continuous and transparent business that it applies at every stage of the supply chain.

With our worldwide agency network providing wide geographical reach, the operation We are always increasing our strength.

We are always improving our skills so that we can add more value to our customers in the vital connection task we undertake.

Value our clients' businesses with our customized high-end services We are proud to be a solution provider that adds value and gains their trust. we hear.


Our vision is to be the leader in international logistics for online retailers and provide them with unlimited growth and success opportunities worldwide. We want to provide innovative solutions to enable our customers to be competitive in the global market. Our goal is to help online sellers ship their products seamlessly around the world and make this process easier for them. We aim for excellence in logistics processes by focusing on the growth of our customers' businesses..

It is very important for us to be of high quality and reliability in our work and service. In particular, the importance we place on one-to-one customer relations enables us to establish long-lasting business relationships with our customers. We act together with our customers in line with the win-win policy. We know that our goals are in the same direction, and we are also aware that we can only achieve these goals together and in harmony..


Our mission is to optimize lead times and enable online sellers to deliver their products to their customers worldwide on time and in optimal condition.
We are committed to simplifying the complexity of international logistics by providing customized solutions tailored to our customers' specific requirements. We aim to provide our customers with a smooth and transparent logistics experience by constantly investing in innovation and technology.



Integrity and Trust

Our honesty towards the work we do, the team we work with and the customers we serve is the basic element of our organizational structure. We believe in the benefit of acting with our strong agency network that has established trust around the world.

Excellence and Quality

We believe that excellence and continuous improvement in our customized high-end services add value to our clients' businesses. We develop our understanding of quality service based on process analysis, optimization and customer experiences.

Being Customer Focused

It is our priority to fully understand the needs of our customers we serve in logistics, warehousing and product supply, to provide value for our customers and to respond to their demands with high quality and fast.

Respect for Human

Respect for people forms the basis of our management and service approach. We act transparently and sensitively in communication. We always value and listen with all our heart. Open-mindedness, correct communication and respect are inseparable from our work.

Social responsibility

We provide services with an approach that values ​​the environment, nature and people. We are aware of our responsibility towards society and our environment. We always try to contribute to a better future.

Ethical Study

We abide by the laws of every geography and every country in which we operate without exception. We respect ethical rules, honesty principles and cultural values. We always act responsibly towards our society, our people and our customers.

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